The Jamico Stud

Welsh ponies & Cobs in Harness

                    October 2011

BDS  Osbourne Championship - 1st October

Great results for the last of our driving shows this year, with Gwilym coming first in the Welsh Section C Harness Class and then becoming Reserve Welsh Harness Winner not bad for his first driving season, Michael who also drove Ellie in the Osbourne Welsh D Championship came 5th out of 10, Ellie has done really well for her first Private Drive Season, Courtney also drove Ellie in the Osbourne champion ships 4 wheeled exercise class and came 4th out of 10

                    September 2011

Carriage Driving Extravaganza - 10th & 11th  September 

What a fantastic weekend we had at the Victoria Foods Qualifier Show, with Gwilym coming first in the in hand driving type with Courtney and first in the open show wagon class being driven by Michael, he also came 4th in the overall championship.  Ellie being driven by michael came 1st in the novice private drive and 2nd in the welsh section D's private drive, Courtney came 1st driving Ellie in the 19-25 young drivers class.  James came 1st in the multiples class driving Micky and Taffy in tandam he also came 2nd driving Micky in the open private drive class.  James driving Micky and Taffy took the Victoria Foods 2011 qualifier and were also supreme show champions qualifying them for the 2012 Victoria Foods Qualifier


Orsett Show - 3rd September

Brilliant result with Gwilym 1st in the Welsh Section C Harness Class and Welsh Harness Chamption, Ellie came 3rd in the Private Drive Class and qualified for the Welsh Section D Osboune Qualifier, James drove Micky and Taffy in the tandem and also came 3rd

                      August 2011

 Edenbridge & Oxted 28th & 29th August 

 Gwilym came 2nd in the Welsh Cobs in Harness and Ellie came 9th in the Private Drive Class

Basildon Driving Show - 14th August

A great day was had at the Basildon Driving Show, Courtney drove Ellie  in the 4 wheeled Exercise Vehicle Class and came 2nd, Peter then went on to drive her in the section D Harness Class and came 1st and Welsh Harness Champion, James drove Micky the Hackney Wagon Class for the first time and came 1st and Hackney Champion  


Ponies UK 10th - 13th August

Micky came 2nd in the Single Hackney type private drive class 

WPCA International Show  - 7th August


 Gwilym came 2nd in the Section C Harness Class


Bakewell Show 1st - 2nd August

Micky came 2nd in the Single Hackney type private drive class 

                          July 2011

 Royal Welsh Agricultural Show - 18th-21st July

Gwilym came 2nd in the Section C Wagon Class, extremely please with his result 1st time in the wagons, Bercoed Helen driven James came 5th in the Mare and Geldings Wagon Class and driven by Michael in the Private Drive she also came 5th, it was Ellie's first time in the private drive class 


                         June 2011

 Essex & North London BDS Show - 26th June

Courtney Drove Bercoed Helen in the 4 wheeled excercise vehicle class and came 1st qualifying her for the osbourne championships

Hickstead - 23rd June

Micky came 2nd in the Single Hackney type private drive class 

BDS Annual Show - 19th June

James drove Micky and Taffy in a very stong multiples class and came 4th, Michael drove Gwilym in the  13.2 and under exercise class and came 1st qualifying him for the Osbourne Championships

                            South of England Show - 10th June

Micky came 2nd in the Single Hackney type private drive class  

 Hackney Horse Breed Show - 6th June

Fantastic day for Micky, he came first in the Hackney Private drive class and was Private drive Hackney Champion qualifying him for the Hackney Horse of the year show Championship

EWPCA Show - 5th June

Michael drove Bercoed Helen in the novice welsh harness class and came 3rd, he showed Cefn Shades for Harry Jones in the Section C Mares and Geldings class and came 4th he also showed Thorndon Park Scarlet for the Thorndon Park Stud and came 1st in the Section D Yearling Filly Class, this was Ruby's first outing   

                           May 2011

  Basildon Driving Show - 31st May

Bercoed Helen's first driving show of the season and being driven by Courtney for the first time in the exercise class, both done really well and came 5th out of 14 turnouts, James drove the tandam Micky and Taffey and won the over 13.2 hackney type private drive them went on to be come show champion qualifying the tandum for Victoria Foods


 BDS Suffolk Show- 2nd May

Fantastic day, Gwenllan Gwilym's first driving show Michael drove him in the 13.2 & under pleasure drive class where they came 2nd and was awarded concourse winner of the class.  James showed Forewood Sensation (micky) to a dog cart in the hackney type private drive class and came 1st and went on to be supreme champion qualifying him for Osbornes single hackney type and victoria foods qualifier 


Woodbridge Driving Show - 2nd May

James's first tandam outing in the showring and what a great result, James drove Forewood Sensation (Micky) the leader and Taffy the wheeler who belongs to Geoff Dudley in a dog cart in the 13.2 & over private drive class, and was placed 1st and went on to be supreme show champion.  

                          April 2011 

 Lampeter Stallion show - 2rd April 

Gwilym came 4th in the Welsh Section C Stallion Outer Wales Class, a lovely comment from the Judge who said "best moving pony on the showground but he would be a driving type for me" hence Gwilym will now start his driving career  

 Towerlands Welsh Medal Show - 2nd April

We had a great day at Towerlands unfortunately not fantastic results, Simba shown in the Section A Stallion Class by Courtney came into the ring like a little steam train as usual, but only the the first six ponies placed Simba was not one of them.  Gwilym was shown in the Welsh Section C Stallion Class and was placed 9th out of 12th due to his colour "Grey" however thankfully the spectators thought otherwise and as Gwilym was twice shown round the ring by Michael this little pony got a standing ovation, thank you to everyone who cheered for him.  Cefn Shades belonging to Harry Jones was shown by James in the Welsh Section C gelding class came 1st and went on to be Supreme Gelding Champion.  James also showed Thorndon Park Crown for the Thorndon Park Stud, Crown came 6th in the Welsh Cob Stallion Class

                       January 2011 

 HCWPCA - 30th January

Courtney showed Gwilym today and what a great job she did, Courtney came 3rd in the Welsh Section C Class