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Welsh ponies & Cobs in Harness


BDS Osbourne Championship - 22nd September

Fantastic day of carriage driving with brilliant results, Gwilym Driven by Michael came 1st in the Section C Welsh Harness Class and went on to be Welsh Harness Champion, James driving Micky came 1st in the Osbourne Qualifiers Hackney Type and went on to become Reserve Supreme Show Champion.  Peter drove Ellie in the Welsh D Harness Class and came 5th

      Carriage Driving Extravaganza - 8th & 9th September

Fantastic weekend of carriage driving with brilliant results, Courtney showing Gwilym in hand came 1st and Michael Driving him in the open show wagon class also came 1st.  Courtney came 3rd in the novice hackney pony class with pip, James came 2nd with Micky in the Hackney Private Drive and was Reserve Victoria Food Champion as well as Reserve Overall Supreme Champion

Orsett Show 1st September

Pip driven by Courtney was 4th in the Novice Hackney Pony Class, Gwilym came 1st in the Welsh Section C Harness Class then went on to become Welsh Harness Champion 


EdenBridge & Oxted Show - 26 & 27  August

Gwenllan Gwilym driven by Michael came 2nd in a very strong Welsh C & D harness Class, Ellie came 6th in the private Drive 13.2 and over Ellie was the highest placed section D qualifying her for Osbornes Championships, James came 2nd in the hackney private drive 

Essex Heavy Horse - 5th August

Gwenllan Gwilym driven by Michael came 1st in the Welsh C & D harness Class, he also drove Bercoed Helen in the non-hackney 13.2 and over private drive class and came 5th, Courtney drove Sunbeam Little Prince in the novice hackney class and came 3rd, James drove a pair of hackneys in the Hackney private drive and came 1st  

Photo's by Jane Speight


Royal Welsh Show - 23rd - 26th July

What a fantastic week we had at the Royal Welsh, the weather was good for a change and we had brilliant results, Gwenllan Gwilym winning the Section C Harness Class and Bercoed Helen 6th in the Private Drive Class.  James showed Thordon Park Crown for his wife Jessie and came 4th, he also showed Thordon Park Derby for Kelly Searle and came 3rd    


Photo's by Event Photography


BDS Annual Show - 24th June

Gwilym came 1st in the section A, B & C to a show wagon Class and went on to become Reserve Champion

Photo's By Jane Speight

Eastern Welsh Pony & Cob Show - 17th June

Bercoed Helen's first driving show of the season, driven by Michael was 1st in the Private Drive Class, qualifying for the Victoria Foods Championship and Gwenllan Gwilym was 1st in the Section C Wagon Class and went on to be Supreme Harness Champion  

South of England Show - 8th June

Gwenllan Gwilyn competed in the In Hand Welsh Section C Class and came 3rd, as usual Gwilym put on a spectatular show

Hackney Breed Show - 4th - 7th June

Driven by Courtney, Sunbeam Little Prince's first time in a Showwagon Class competed in the Hackney Pony Class Suitable to be driven by an amatuer and a Lady Whip, well not only did they win both classes but went champion in both championships, brilliant achievment for there first time competing in this sphere

Photo's by ES Photography


East Anglia BDS Show - 20th May

Fantastic start to the season, Gwilym's first driving show of the season, he came 1st in the exercise vehicle 13.2 and under class and then went on to become exercise vehicle champion, Sunbeam Little Prince came 1st in the novice class to any vehicle

 Photo's by Pauline Keyte (Oakmill Stud)


Patchetts Pre Season Show - 28th April

Sunbeam Little Prince's first show, Courtney drove him in and exercise vehicle in the novice class to any vehicle and came 2nd, we were extremely pleased with him


Towerlands Welsh Medal Show - 17th March

First Show of the season and really pleased with Gwenllan Gwilym who came 4th in the Section C Stallion Class and thank you to everyone who really cheered him on its much appreciated.  James showed Cefn Shades for Harry Jones and was award 1st in the Secton C Gelding Class 

Photo's by Jane Speight